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All Things Nolan is your portal to the things Nolan is involved in around the world and wants you to be apart of too. Whether travel, ministry, the arts, apparel, or his NSPIRE podcast, this is the place to connect. We look forward to engaging you here.

Global Photography by Nolan

NSPIring photography

Fine Art Photographer

For nearly two decades, Nolan has immersed himself in diverse cultures throughout the world. His inquisitive nature and insatiable desire to touch and be touched by ethnicity and customs motivates him to shoot Nspiring photography that touches the soul and reaches the heart.

wearable art

Nolan Collectables

A celebration of global travel, community and culture, these upscale designer t-shirts feature photographs taken by Nolan on five continents. An award winning fine art photographer, his powerful images are used to produce this awesome unique collection of fashionable garments that are interest, radiant, and provocative.

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Nolan's Books

Motivation for the big dreamers

You Can Do It!

Very often the only thing between a person’s dreams and their success stories is a respected voice that says, You Can Do It! What dreams do you have that spark passion and yearning within you? Can Do It! Nolan W. McCants, a serial entrepreneur for over 40 years, gives readers the license to move forward, encouraging them to go for it.

the message that jesus taught

The Kingdom Message

This powerful little book is a game changer for Christians and particularly Christian leaders. The book provides a basic, but clear definition of the Kingdom of God. Nolan explores the impact of the Kingdom message on the believer, the world and a view of the progressive unfolding of God’s eternal strategies.

Pivoting from physical to virtual church

The Digital Pulpit

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forever changed the world and impacted the Church in significant ways as well. In The Digital Pulpit, Nolan W. McCants presents recent historical perspectives, notes some observations and offers some suggestions on how the Church might navigate this period. While some churches were prepared better than others, most every ministry has had to shift from the familiarity of physical spaces, to the unknowns of the digital world.

learning and growing in a loving community

Visit Harvest

Our beautiful faith community is set in an atmosphere of genuine love. You can feel it whenever and wherever you encounter our church. Bishop Nolan founded this church is 1996 along with his wife Gloria. Here you will find a diverse people from all walks of life, varying levels of Christian maturity and from every expression of Christianity here. His teaching is practical and immediate applicable for those seeking to go deeper in the things of God. Harvest is an interdenominational, multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial, and trans-generational fellowship of believers and A Place for You!


Contact Nolan

Nolan is experienced, knowledgeable, motivational and availableto speak to groups of all sizes. With nearly 40 years of entrepreneurship, over 25 years of ministry and headed towards 40 years of marriage,he’s got stuff to talk about. Send him a note with your event details and let’s talk! If you would like to reach Nolan for fine art purposes, please feel free to contact via email or phone.

Nolan W. McCants | P.O. Box 9352 Naperville, IL 60567

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